Creating Poetry and Songs to Teach ANYTHING!

This session is for all teachers, not just music teachers! No music knowledge is required. (Just desire!) We remember what we say in a poem or sing, and we remember poetry and songs more than we remember words or facts. (How do you remember the alphabet?) Poetry and music bring the concepts to life. In this workshop, all teachers will learn how to use poetry to write a song AND teach your students how to write poetry and songs on any subject or concept you’re teaching. The workshops will be based on Dr. Robinson's new book, Creating Poetry and Songs to Teach ANYTHING! The book features lesson plans, poetry and songs for science, history, grammar, math and more and includes a CD that students can sing along or "rap" to and learn the concepts.

Equipment needed: Wireless Lavalier Microphone, LCD Projector for PowerPoint, Powered Speakers for Computer, Piano

Contact Dr. Russell Robinson to schedule a workshop for your school or organization.