Maximizing Student Engagement and Musicianship in Today's Music Classrooms: Five Strategies for Immediate Success!

In my work with music programs and music teachers in on-site professional development, I have tried to assist educators (choral, instrumental, general music) in "maximizing student engagement and musicianship" in their ensembles and music classrooms. These two areas (Engagement and Musicianship) go hand in hand. You can't have one without the other. Fifty minute classes, for example, can have a meltdown ten minutes into the class/rehearsal. Why? There is a lack of student engagement and music making. Fifty minutes can feel like ten minutes, when the students are engaged in making music, and feel like two hours when they are not. Music students should always be more excited about music learning after class than they were when they walked in. I believe these five strategies are what all great teachers incorporate, even if stated in different ways. These strategies can be used the next day music teachers go back to their classrooms.

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